House of Nations will be worshiping with First Haitian Baptist Church.

12:00 PM  -  1:30 PM




​     May

At House of Nations we are always looking for volunteers and talent. Weather your talent is to sing, play an instrument or helping those in need, we need you. Please look at our ministry section to see where your gifts best fit.

House of Nations & New Testament conference 

see calendar for more info

 6:30 PM  -  9:00 PM




Service TimeS

Mother's Day celebrations please contact the event page for more details.

10:00 AM  -  12:00 PM



Upcoming Events


    Sunday Morning              10:00 AM

   Wednesday Bible Study  07:00 PM

   Friday Night Prayer          07:00 PM

Men of Destiny (MOD)

The men’s ministry is a cross-cultural, dynamic group of man that is dedicated to seek God’s face in His word. They are a group that is dedicated to raise their family in a godly manner, and to live out their destiny of being men of God.

Women’s Ministry:
Our women Ministry is centered on Godly women discussing the relevant issues of today, and seeking God’s wisdom in dealing with these issues. It is a table around which all women should seat. It promotes godly fulfillment in womanhood in a cross cultural environment, focusing on motherhood, marriage, social issues and ministry. The women meet quarterly on the third Saturday.

Children’s Ministry:
Our children ministry is innovative, dynamic and inspirational. It is age appropriate for our children. It is very important for us that our children have the best. Statistic states that most Christians come to know Christ during their childhood years. In our children ministry, our children learn to worship, pray and study the word with the best children church curriculum available.

Overcomers Ministry:   We have partnered with other ministries to help individuals who have experienced the use of stimuli. Should you need more information please call the church office during normal business hours at 201-737-3648   

Counseling Ministry:  Our counseling Ministry is biblically based. It is focused on helping individuals see God’s will in the midst of life challenges, including but not limited to marital and spiritual challenges. During these sessions, our goal is never to advise you what to do, but help you see God’s will and the best option for you.

Caring Ministry: This is a ministry where we partner the individual in need of care with someone in the church to mentor and pray with them for a period of time. Please contact the church office for more information.

Youth Ministry: The youth ministry is prolific in their worship and productive in their learning. We create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. A place where young people are free to exercise their God given talent and where professionalism is fostered.

Usher and Greeter Ministry:
An usher is an ambassador for the local body. When you serve as an usher, you set the stage for the worship experience. You are literally part of the continuing story of God’s redemption. Your spiritual readiness and act of service plays a huge role in the life-changing spiritual event taking place that day.

Building Stronger Families:
Our ministry is family oriented. We are dedicated to strengthen families by coming alongside of them, teaching them the truths of the bible concerning the responsibilities of each member of the family. We also hold conferences on the family and classes on raising children. We walk our families through challenges one step at a time.

Planning Ministry:
The Planning Ministry plans the activities of the ministry and take them to fruition in a timely manner. Members of this ministry should have strong organizational skills and a minimum amount of event planning experience.


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