Our utmost concern is to maintain a safe and orderly environment where students can have fun while benefiting from all we have to offer. Please be sure that your child is aware of the camp rules and abides by them. Violation of these rules may result in a camper being dismissed. If a camper willfully and repeatedly disregards the behavioral expectations at camp, or endangers the safety of him/herself or others, the Camp Directors may see fit to dismiss the child. All dismissals are without refund.

Campers must be on time and ready to have fun.
Students must wear appropriate outfits to attend camp i.e. T-shirts shorts and appropriate footwear
Campers must participate in all activities abiding by the specific rules of that activity. Repeated misconduct in a particular activity will result in camper’s suspension from it.
Campers are not permitted to leave the property except on trips organized by the camp.
Campers will show respect to themselves, directors, counselors and fellow campers at all time.
Campers are expected to refrain from being physically or verbally abusive towards other campers and staff. Hitting, fighting, profanity, repeated name calling will not be tolerated.
Bullying has no place at Camp and will not be tolerated.
Cell Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted. We will not be responsible if these items become missing.


Medical Information, Camper Information, and Program Waiver forms must be completed and filed with the camp before a camper can be accepted. These must be submitted at 500 Rahway Ave. Elizabeth NJ 07202 to camp no less than 7 days prior to arrival.


Please phone the office if your child will not be attending due to illness or other reason. If a child becomes ill while at camp, he or she will be examined by our camp director. If it is determined that the child should be sent home or seen by a doctor, we will notify you to come pick them up. If we are unable to reach you, we will contact the emergency numbers listed on the medical form.

In case of a medical emergency requiring immediate medical attention, parent or guardian will be contacted and the director will call 911 at the expense of the parent or guardian.


Valuable or easily broken items should not be sent to camp. All personal items should be clearly marked with the child’s name. The camp is not responsible for damages or loss of personal items. We make every effort to see that the camper returns home with all of his or her clothing. Please make an effort to look through the Lost and Found at the end of each day, particularly the last day of your child’s camp session. All unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of the summer.


Campers should wear camp t-shirts. These must be purchased from the camp. Footwear should be sneakers or other closed shoes. We discourage sandals and flip flops. If it is raining, please send rainwear (poncho or raincoat) and not umbrellas.


Day campers must bring a lunch with them each day, which will be stored and refrigerated upon their arrival. Your child’s name should be clearly written on the outside of their lunch box or bag. All of day camp will be eating together in a supervised setting.

Every day, campers who wish may visit the camp Trading Post to purchase snacks, ice cream, and juice boxes. If you would like your child to make such purchases, please put the money in an envelope with the camper’s name. These purchases can be made every day.


The well-being of our campers is our top priority. All staff are carefully screened and professionally trained prior to working with the campers. Our specialty instructors are trained by nationally recognized organizations. We rely on positive reinforcement and redirection for behavior issues and will involve parents if behavior becomes a detriment to others or the program as a whole. During our programs and activities all campers are divided up into age appropriate groups.


The camper registration fee of $50.00 is not refundable or transferable after July 1. Transfers within the immediate family, such as a brother or sister, will be allowed however. Refunds of tuition payments are made only in the event of serious injury or illness certified by a doctor or with exception by the Camp Director. Refunds are not given to registered families and campers for absences. 


Many activities at camp involve a known and reasonable risk. We do everything possible to minimize them and provide a safe environment for our campers. However, as with any type of high energy physical activity, there is always risk involved and the possibility of the unforeseen. This is to notify parents and campers that they have the responsibility as a voluntary participant to abide by all rules, and to listen to and follow all instructions given by activity leaders as well as using their own common sense. In the event of an unforeseen or reasonably unpredictable circumstance, or an athletic injury, it should be known that by you and your child’s voluntary participation in an activity, you are aware of and have acknowledged the existence of a risk and that you clearly share in its assumption.

A NOTE TO OUR CAMPERS (Please read this section to your child before coming to camp.)

 We’re very excited that you’re coming to Day Camp! You’ll be having lots of fun, meeting new friends, and trying new things. We want you to feel comfortable and safe while you’re here. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated yourself and you’ll be fine. And don’t forget to ask a staff member if you have any questions at all. They’re here to help.

Thank you,

Erna Letemps Director
Rev. David Romelus Administrator/President